Meet the family of Latitud Cero

The brands name refers to the fact that Ecuador is located in the middle of the world, as the name of each beer is an allusion to a geographic point crossed by the equinoctial line.


Type of beer: Blonde Helles Export

Alcoholic grade: 5,3 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 25

Color: Golden blond, with clean bright red hues.

Aroma: Fruity caramelized tones, which come from its floral hops.

Taste: Velvety and slightly caramelized with a delicate bitter touch.

Sierra Negra

Type of beer: Dark Dunkles Märzen

Alcoholic grade: 4,8 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 20

Color: Dark amber, mahogany characteristic.

Aroma: Aromas of dark malts, coffee and chocolate, black fruit jam, candy and a touch of sweet vanilla.

Taste: Good structure, weight in mouth with a pleasant bitterness taste. Lingering finish that highlights the toasted notes.


Type of beer: Amber Lager

Alcoholic grade: 4,7 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 20

Color: Coppery red, clean and elegant.

Aroma: Trace of dried fruits, wet forest notes and a delicate touch of tangerine peel.

Taste: Structured and balanced, delightful and elegant on the palate, with a charm that lingers and invites to continue tasting.


Type of beer: Belgian Style Wheat Ale

Alcoholic grade: 5,9 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 20

Color: Its purity is reflected in a beautiful golden color, with a slight haze.

Aroma: Fruity with hints of banana, citrus peel and hints of fresh yeast..

Taste: Refreshing and silky, with exquisite bitterness that lingers in the mouth.

Punta Palmar

Type of beer: American Pale Ale

Alcoholic grade: 5,9 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 32

Color: Orange and light blond with white and persisting foam, that remains imprinted in the glass.

Aroma: The floral smell of the hop is outstanding, perfectly combined with herbal and citrus components.

Taste: Citrus notes that go with the hop, leaving a sense of freshness in the mouth. A sutil sweet finish comes from the malt.


Type of beer: Wheat Ale Weizenbock Dunkel

Alcoholic grade: 6,5 % Alc./Vol.

IBU: 32

Color: Dark amber with an overwhelming beige foam.

Aroma: It highlights few chocolate malts odors, also some clove species, coffee, syrup and dry fuits.

Taste: Weight in mouth, big amount of body with a great structure. It ends in a long and persistent way that enhances notes of dry fruits.