Our zero degrees

Inspire Us

The Equator is an imaginary line on the globe that is equidistant from the North and the South Poles, dividing the Earth at 0°0´0” into two equal halves, the hemispheres. But until the 18th Century the shape and measure of the world had been a subject of long debate between the French, who thought it was elongated at the poles like an egg, and the British, who were convinced that it was bulged at the Equator and flattened at the poles. To know the figure of the Earth was of vital importance for safe and accurate navigation in commerce and war; it meant, really, the foundation for global domination. It was France, which sent the first scientific expedition to South America to measure the length of latitude at the Equator and to compare it to the length of latitude at the North Pole, confirming that, after all, their theory was wrong.

Our Concept

Unsatisfied of the limited beer styles offered by the Ecuadorian brewery industry, in 2012 our founder Juan Pablo Eljuri, who is a business visionary and a passionate of the beverage market, took a trip through American and European micro-breweries to learn about the art of making beer. Soon after, he became the best producer of craft beer in Ecuador. From the beginning, we have produced many different kinds of beer, with more flavour, character and freshness than traditional ones. Through this, we have created world-class beer for a select but increasing group of discerning beer drinkers. Today, we are the most important craft brewery in Ecuador. Our beer is made in small lots and we use the finest natural ingredients. Staying small, we are able to guarantee a product that is fresh and of the best quality. So, even if another brewery reaches 99 % of the Ecuadorian market, Cervecería La Paz offers beer lovers the opportunity to choose a beer that is different.